Rough stuff, Feb 1, 2012

Just some elements from assorted projects I am doing.

Warm up sketches 26 Jan 2012

Warm up sketches, January

More warm up sketches. The little girl in the second sketch is my daughter, running around at her occupational therapy appointment.

Design options

Here are a few designs from a TBA project I am on. Actually, one of three TBA projects. Just call me Mr. Secretive-Artist-Guy-On-A-Bunch-Of-Different-Projects-Guy-Dude.

Warm up sketches from the past week, Jan 2012

More from Sketchbook

Some figure sketches for an unannounced project and Murderland


I am fortunate enough to have gotten to illustrate an issue of the RED comic, created by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. This page was colored by Jonny Rench (as is the whole issue).


I am in the process of finishing drawing and coloring a FRINGE back up story (written by Kim Cavyan) for DC/WildStorm Comics. Here are some unlettered pages.

Women, Thug, and Mutant Cephalopod

These drawings have been in my sketchbook for weeks waiting patiently to be posted.

For the Thug guy, I guy I really tapped into my inner Bruce Timm for that one.

Been too long

Okay, here is a dump of a lot of stuff I have been working on, but have not had time to post until now.

This is a page of some rough designs for a character for a book I am creating with comedian John Roy. The working title is “Challenger” and will be published by Image comics.

This was a piece of sample art for a client.

Page from MURDERLAND short story. Issue #1 will be in stores August 4th.